Together, we can shape the future of biopolymer flexible packaging.

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Rethinking the value of packaging.


of all plastic packaging (roughly $100 billion annually) is lost after a first brief use.


of all plastics are produced from virgin fossil fuel stocks.

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) typically cannot recover flexible packaging, especially those discarded packages with any traces of contamination such as food, dirt, liquid, oil, or chemicals.

A sustainable system in any form is built by assessing the limitations of all stakeholders involved. In the case of eliminating flexible packaging waste, the lasting solution must work for:

  • Consumers
  • Product/brand owners
  • Regulators and government at all levels
  • Packaging producer(s)
  • Recovery facilities
  • Our future climate


Leading edge companies confronting the risks linked to climate change are best-placed to thrive.

A grand partnership on climate change is forming. Government + Business + Consumers. Now is the time to lead.

2DegreesCooler™ has the expertise, connections, and resources to help you take advantage of that once-in-a-generation opportunity.

Accepting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

A growing number of countries and regions across the globe are using EPR legislation in order to incentivize companies to help with overall recoverability of their packaging. Policies are implemented either by: (a) companies establishing proper recycling systems for the discarded packaging, or (b) through a fee-structure based on the recyclability of packaging materials marketed in that region. Notably, even the most long-standing and sophisticated EPR-Packaging systems in the world record low recovery rates for plastics, especially films used for flexible packaging.

Biopolymer flexible packaging films are an important way to meet (and exceed) evolving EPR standards.


Eliminating Branded Litter

A recurring fear for brands in the age of viral photos and instant news is seeing their logo amidst a cluster of waste in the middle of the ocean, or their discarded packaging cluttering an otherwise beautiful shore. Add to that, public data reporting systems are making it clear which brands create the most unintended waste. 

The push for more sustainable product packaging has never been higher.


Shifting Consumer Expectations

An increasing number of consumers want to know how sustainable the products they purchase are, how the ingredients are sourced, and overall how healthy it is for them. Products marketed as sustainable are driving product and category growth, reinforcing the idea that sustainability leads to better business results.

2DegreesCooler is on a mission to shift product packaging from a (very) visible consumer problem into an industry-leading solution.

Put Simply: You have an opportunity to harness the attention around sustainable packaging and transform it into meaningful business results. 2DegreesCooler™ is your partner on that journey. Let us show you how.

2DegreesCooler™ has the biopolymer solution that meets both your sustainability and profitability goals.

2DegreesCooler™ delivers extensive experience in biopolymer films, relationships with global supply chains, and insight into material flow throughout the waste stream. Our expertise dramatically increases your time to market and smooths the transition to biopolymer flexible packaging for your valuable brand.

How do we do that?

2DegreesCooler believes that collaboration across the value chain is essential to achieve sustainable change. We are honored to work with and learn from a growing number of businesses who have embraced transformative technologies in packaging and are well positioned as subject matter experts. 2DegreesCooler is committed to staying ahead of all the technical advancements in biopolymer materials, and partnering with your team to validate and deploy solutions for key products and lines.

Our process involves five key steps:

Part 1: Align biopolymers to your sustainability goals

Part 2: Gather technical and supply chain requirements

Part 3: Assess capabilities & collaborate with partners

Part 4: Conduct test runs and validate performance

Part 5: Schedule and guide the packaging rollout


A second generation family owned business, HPB continues to invest in multi-layer blown film extrusion designated solely for the purpose of manufacturing biopolymer films. 2DegreesCooler is proud to call this fully integrated FSSC certified business an exclusive partner.

We’re all in this together: Brands, suppliers, and consumers. Any solution has to work for everyone. 2DegreesCooler helps you make that happen for your brand.

2DegreesCooler has three key missions:

Global Everyday Impact

Flexible packaging touches almost every person on the planet almost every day. Making positive changes here will impact the lives of billions of people, with the potential to address the behaviors causing climate change on a global scale.

Sustainable Disruption

It’s time that sustainability took advantage of disruptive innovation. But disruption doesn’t need to imply negative. Even incremental changes, implemented and communicated correctly, can bring about massive, positive change.

Positive Economics

You have a tangible, immediate incentive to reduce systemic risk from climate change at the macro level and the risk from shifting consumer expectations and legislation at your brand level. The upside opportunity also is clear: Brands perceived as sustainable are driving double-digit category growth.

What makes our experience invaluable to you?

2DegreesCooler™ was founded as an extension of Minnesota-based Organix Solutions, who implements residential and commercial organic material recovery systems, and offers industry-specific biopolymer film solutions to clients in need of functional, cost-effective alternatives to plastic.

The foundation of Organix Solutions is their patented Organix Co-Collection Method—a curbside organics recycling program backboned by the outstanding performance of their industrial-strength compostable Green Bag, capable of co-collection with regular municipal trash. This bag’s ability to maintain integrity from consumer doorstep all the way to a waste recovery facility, while carried and compacted in a conventional garbage truck, has eliminated the need for service providers to invest in additional routes, trucks, or carts when offering organics recycling as a service.

Through this program, Organix Solutions deepened its waste and recycling knowledge, expanded into robotics sorting, MRF design, and anaerobic digestion technologies.

In its history, Organix Solutions has invested heavily in biopolymer solutions for organics waste collection and TUV®-certified soil biodegradable mulch films, delivering positive economic benefits to both the waste and agriculture industries respectively. 

2DegreesCooler was established to boost material innovation for compostable and biodegradable alternatives for multi-layer packaging – which is hard or impossible to recycle – while maintaining safety, freshness, and containment.

Let’s get started rethinking the value of packaging.

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