Can Business Save the Earth? .

The truth is, the earth can survive with or without humans. The real question we must ask ourselves is: what will life on earth be like if we fail to address the environmental challenges we face? 

Micheal Lenox and Aaron Chatterji explore this loaded question and discuss the complex and necessary role of business in climate action in their book “Can Business Save the Earth?” 

The co-authors believe there must be dramatic innovation across multiple sectors, not just the private sector, to create and maintain a sustainable planet. The “ecosystem” of innovation that they describe includes inventors, executives, customers, investors, activists, and governments. 

The main driver in creating this ecosystem will be collaboration, and business has the influence and power to facilitate communication between stakeholders and commercialize new technologies and ideas.

At 2DegreesCooler, collaboration with the goal of environmental restoration is our mission. Essentially, the theme of this book serves as the blueprint for our business. 

To gather more insights on business climate action, the system of innovation, and the current state of sustainability in business, 2DegreesCooler will be interviewing Michael Lenox.

Michael Lenox is a Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration and Associate Dean and Chief Strategy Officer at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. 

We’re excited to learn more and share his insights. Stay tuned for the interview highlights on our website and check out “Can Business Save the Earth?” on Amazon.

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