Mapping Composting Infrastructure and Supporting Legislation

GreenBlue is a US-based environmental non-profit, and the parent company of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC). GreenBlue brings together stakeholders to encourage and foster innovation, and is the leading voice on packaging sustainability.

The SPC is a membership-based collaborative that believes in the power of industry to make packaging more sustainable. The foundation of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s work is based on the principles of collaboration, education, and action. 

As proud members of the SPC, 2DegreesCooler utilizes the many resources and networks created by GreenBlue. GreenBlue’s interactive composting maps and charts. have provided us with valuable insights about the state of organics recycling–including food waste and compostable packaging–in the United States.

These maps and charts track the location of composting facilities and how many of those facilities accept biopolymer-based packaging. 

Additionally, the maps show where legislation has prohibited the disposal of food waste to landfills. This is relevant because the banning of food waste from landfills spurs the expansion of composting infrastructure. 

For instance, GreenBlue reports that California will require 50-100 new or expanded composting facilities to handle the state’s commitment to reduce overall organic waste sent to landfill by 50% this year (2020).

These composting facilities are essential to our business and our mission, and the expansion of their capabilities is vital to meet the ambitious sustainability and profitability goals for our clients and partners. 

When designing packaging for recovery, our goal is to redirect a large portion of waste from a negative end-of-life to a beneficial one–nutrient rich compost.

By monitoring the activity of supporting legislation and facility locations, we’re able to understand our markets across the country and ensure maximum value-capture of packaging now and into the future.

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