The Business Case for Climate Action
Sustainable Business

The World Economic Forum positions failure to mitigate climate change as the #1 global risk to businessbut is it businesses themselves that must mitigate our world’s climate crisis?

Yes–and there’s a strong case for it. 

In 2015, 195 countries committed to limiting climate change to below two degrees above pre-industrial levels. This will not be achieved without the commitment and action of companies.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reported in 2014 that a 2.5 degree increase in global temperature would result in a potential loss range of 0.2% to 2.0% of global income.

Business can transform this economic and environmental catastrophe into a financial opportunity with climate action. 

According to Erasmus University, in the last four years, firms leading in action on climate change have financially outperformed the global benchmark by 6%.

Investing in sustainable operational improvements can lead to vast reductions in costs and dependencies on natural resources and outdated, inefficient processes. Additionally, brands perceived as sustainable are driving double-digit category growth.

Business is the largest contributor to climate change, but business has the potential to address the crisis with innovative power. One of those innovations is performance biopolymer films.

If the current growth of traditional plastics continues as expected, the plastics sector will account for 20% of total oil consumption and 15% of the global annual carbon budget by 2050. And although 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling, only 5% of material value is retained.

The switch from polyethylene-based packaging to films made of biopolymer resins will decrease oil and carbon consumption, increase value capture, and free waterways and oceans from harmful plastics. 

Our goal is in our name. We want to go beyond the Paris Agreement’s goal to remain below  two degrees above pre-industrial levels–we want to make the earth 2DegreesCooler. We have the innovative power and technologies to put your company on the cutting edge of climate action while maintaining your goals for profitability.

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